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How to download music from on your mac ,windows, iphone and android phone is a very famous online music sharing website. there are many musicians and artists on it , and share their music and songs with visitor on the internet .there are many new musicans on because the website platform give them opportunity to be famous.

Some music on is quite good , but they are only provide as a online stream service, we can not download it , there is no option to download the music on, so what can we do, we are here to rescue. Our website will help you download the music To you PC,mac, iphone and android phone.

Let me show you how to do it.

First let us visit the website

The soundcloud downloader On can help you download any music or songs from soundcloud and save it on your PC, Mac,iphone or is quite easy , everyone can learn to use it in a couple of seconds. You can not only download music from soundcloud ,you can also download music info which include author info ,music comment or even music cover, in the future you can also download music play list from our website. Ok let me show you the details of how to use the downloader to download any music from

find the the music you want to download on soundcloud

first of all , on you windows or mac or iPhone or android phone or whaterver operating system. Open the web browser you use , and navigate to music webpage you want to download on

in our article here , we use as our example , below is the music page screenshot. Of course you can download what ever music you like , we just use this music as an example.

Ok , now we on on the webpage . You can see the webpage address(url) Which is at the top url address bar of the web browser. Now you copy the url address with your mouse or use ctrl+C.

soundcloud music url screen

After you copy the music page url address, now open On the website , you can see a big input box , and a big download button. Paste the url you copied into the input box. After you paste the url into the input box ,click the download button.

Now you can see the website is processing the download request. After a few seconds. The download info will appear.

fetching the soundcloud music info

The download info include the music name. music author ,music length, music comment , the music cover and the music download .

soundcloud music info

How to download the souncloud music cover

Now you can see the soundcloud music on the webpage ,If you want to download the soundcloud music cover, you can just mouse right click on the cover image ,then click the save to command , then you can save the music cover to your desired location.

Download the music.

After we fetch the download information, a big red download button will appear the low portion of the screen, to download the music, just click the red download button, the music page will open,on the new page , you can see a music player, the music will start to play automatically, in order to download the music, you can see there Is a three dot button at the right of the player. Click the three dot button. The download option will appear. Click the download option to download music.

soundcloud music download player

download the soundcloud music

The download location of the music

Where is the storage location of downloaded soundcloud music?

Usually there is a default download folder for every web browser, you can check the default download folder in the web browser configuration to find out the download folder , and you can change the download folder if you like. For example the typical download fold for windows user is under the user username download folder. There is also default download location for mac , iphone and android phone

The quality of the downloaded soundcloud music

The quality of the downloaded soundcloud music is 320kbps . although you can not compare it with the high quality music , but it is quite enough for most people’s ears. And after you downloaded the music , you can play it with any kind of media player now.

How to download the soundcloud playlist

Many people want to know how to download the playlist of a specific soundcloud artist. Since many people want to download it , I am programming the soundcloud playlist download right now , and I will share it with you after I finished the programming .

ok , that is all for my download soundcloud music for mac ,windows, iphone and android phone guide, I hope the info in the article can help you.